For us,Quality is not a statement of purpose. Quality is the factor which addresses us to clients. We develop quality along with source code,also understand the purpose clearly taking user context into account.

In Macric,Quality has helped us to retain our old customers and bring in new customers. We monitor the software engineering process and methods closely to ensure quality. Our software assurance method encompasses the entire software development process from software design till release management and including activities like Peer Reviews,Validation testing,Data comparison,stress testing throughout the lifecycle.

We measure our quality against international standards and we achieve it by following standard methods. By doing so, we are able to improve customer satisfaction,reduce cost of development and maintenance. We strive to implement ISO-9126 model to impart quality factors like functionality, Usability,Efficiency,Maintainability and portability in our product. We encapsulate best practice to avoid repetition of past mistakes

We understand our customers and conscious that taking a product without a quality in it to our customers will ultimately lead to distrust in our customer relationship. We usually do not start with coding.We take a bit of time to think about things before we start typing code. We think about the problem we are trying to solve, any difficulties that may arise and come up with a potential solution. We dont stop thinking about the problem and solution, document it. If we had started coding before we completely understand the problem there’s a very good chance we will end up with little more than a mess.

As one of our strength is cost-effective,we dont make this factor to compromise with our quality.


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