Cost Effective

Software industry is developing fast, and the software development costs must be low as possible to be competitive. We follow lot of method to achieve this target.When we prepare functional requirement document we make sure every customer need is addressed.Reason is,if functional requirements are not properly documented, there are fewer chances that our product will meet client's satisfaction. This may lead to rework, and thus increased software development costs.

We take care of change control procedures.We do not want too much change throughout the business process, We implement an effective change control system. With more changes, there is more work for the software team, which means the software development costs will increase.So,we avoid it.

We prepare our design in such a way, that it is easily testable during the earlier stages. Because of this,the higher rework chances are less. Our designers and testers collabarate to test the design thoroughly. Only then the development phase will begin. This is cutting down the software development costs to a high degree.

We focus on unit testing activities.Unit testing is very important for us, and as soon a module is developed, we test it. Unit testing ensures that there are no errors in individual modules. Once these modules are merged in bottom up strategy, finding errors becomes all the more difficult.So,We stress on unit testing

Many organizations focus solely on the functional aspect of systems But we also focus on Non-functional elements.It comprise everything from performance to security to usability. Without clear, early definition of non-functional requirements, it is possible that a system could be delivered which does exactly what the customer wants, but is difficult to use, slow, insecure, unreliable, or is not scalable. Once again, this can lead to development rework Some non-functional areas are so integral to the design of the product, it can be difficult to correct them without starting the project,in addition to functional requirements we focus on non-functional requirements also


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