Company Overview

Macric Technologies based in chennai was started in 2009 with a vision of developing software solutions for customers and transform their business to become profitable.We understand our clients requirements and translate them into action and drive momentum in their organisation. We develop long-term, trust-based relationships with our customers through commitment and confidence. We work on engagemets to solve difficult problems of our clients.

Our success lies in the passion we have in our engagements, continuous enhancement of competence in technology, project management and customer focus.This expertise allows our customers to obtain the most for their IT investments. We pride ourselves in helping our clients achieve exponential improvements over their current benchmarks in this area and ensuring that this edge is sustainable and enduring.

Our decade of working and interaction with our clients gave us the ability to understand the unique needs of our clients. We help small and medium sized businesses to meet performance, visibility and standards previously achieved only by Large sized businesses.

Our Employees are trained to perform their roles effectively and efficiently.They are nurtured to develop software skills, hardware skills, sharp problem solving skills, demonstrate creative thinking, intellectual curiosity, soft skills, personality development and management and show exceptional commitment to working collaboratively with teams within and outside our organization.

CHECKUP, the dedicated team of our organisaton to enhance the customer experience for our customers. are worked on with alacrity and driven to closure. They are responsible for documenting all the escalations received. They not only drive for closing the escalation, also for Root Cause Analysis and Process Enhancement with respective teams.


Our Vision is to provide software to all small scale businesses in chennai by 2015.


  • To provide the highest quality software products.
  • To satisfy our customer's requirements and expectations through dedicated service.
  • To treat each customer and employee with integrity and fairness.
  • To ensure the highest levels of accuracy, efficiency.
  • To ensure projects are completed and delivered within the time requirements of our customers.
  • To invest in technologies and personnel that will enable our company to stay at the forefront of new technologies

Client Value

We are doing business with customers in our mind and our success depends on them. So, it is our responsibility to make them success and create value for them.

People First

We are valuing our people and consider them first above all other things. We are making our people to enjoy their work. In other words,"Turning every day challenge into a learning curve for them" s


Our Partners